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New Bout, first coticule


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Each time I spotted a likely stone at Superior, it was taken before I could connect. I wanted a larger stone to begin with, but it wasn't going to happen - at least right away. Initially, it was for finishing, coming off a Naniwa 8k. I expect I'll try uni & dulicot, but initially, I'm wanting the smooth finish - especially on a heavy sheffield.

The bout came today. 'Longest line is 7", triangle shape. Orange yellow, with one end having a plum/dirty rose rash. 'Rather attractive to me. I re-read the unicot section, took a blade from being finished on a c12k to a few laps on the nani 8k. Did about 5 laps w/ the rubbing stone and proceeded w/ 15 lap, 1 drop dilute for 7 dilutions. Placed tape on the spine and repeated with no slurry refresh. Didn't bother w/ hht, as I thought it was a bit early for reliable results. Went to water only on a clean stone & blade, and gave 40 circles, and 30 x-strokes. My x-strokes degrade, so I seem to do better w/ mostly circles and only 3 x-strokes. 60 linen, 60 shell, and a test shave. 'Already as good or better than my best edge on the c12k.

Back to the 8k with no tape. 5 laps with 8k. 7 strokes w/ rubbing stone and 9 dilutions of 18 strokes each. Then water only w/ 60 circles, 20 strokes. TPT was underwhelming, so I returned to 40 more circles and 3 x-strokes. TPT was now decent. 60/60, test on heavy growth. It was pleasing.

Stone seems fast. I'm guessing it's an LPB. It darkens slurry or just water in about 15-20 strokes. I'm unsure what if any role pressure should be used, and at what point. I'm guessing that when I get to water only, just the lightest of circles or strokes are in order.

So now, many questions, but the initial play session was encouraging.

Much gratitude for each of you who've endured my ignorant questions so far. I'm sure there's more to come.

So last night, more stones were put up w/ a sale release of 11pm est. Naturally, I see the stone I was originally looking for. Sigh. Ka-ching. Now a nice large one is on the way.



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If you need assistance, we're all here. :)

Have fun!



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Hi Janivar,

The 2nd, larger stone was specifically described as LPB. The first one is only semi-informed - it came in with other LPBs and looked the same as others - so I'm not positive. If your guess would be different, it would most likely be way better informed than mine. Both photos are from Jarrod, so I would think there would be some consistency in the light/color rendering.


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Thank You for your kind help! I appreciate it!

I passed on a couple of La Veinettes, which some might gasp at. They would have been lovely also. Partially from Jarrod's input and Paul's, I'm very glad to have this vein. Being new to cotis, they seem to behave exactly as you've mentioned. Consistent, moderately fast, and the edges from my humble first attempts have been good for this level of (or lack of) proficiency. It sure seems like a good introduction to the stones. I need much more experience and skill before comparison to other stones would be at all valid, but it's encouraging that the shaves are good right away.

I'm grateful for your kind help, Bart - and to each who've endured the wearying questions of this noob.


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The long, narrow bout arrived today. First at play was a Boker King Cutter. As with any new rock, it took some practice to get the feel down of a good stroke, but the result was very pleasing. Pulling the thicker belly hairs across the edge with some downward motion, and it would either sever or cut the hair & leave it hanging. 60 linen, 100 shell, and the test shave ATG on the thicker growth was very good. I still think it premature to compare to other stones - my skill needs much more practice, but already the edges are at least in the ballpark with what I would call very good to excellent. I'm really impressed, and loving the new rocks. The thickness of the coti layer is rather noteworthy, varying between 5/8" and 11/16" (15.8-17.5mm). It's more narrow than I thought and hoped, but is sure is easy to use, so I guess it's just fine. I use the triangular bout for the last sweeping strokes for smiling blades, barber's notches.