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New Kid.

It can go fast in life. :lol

Jaap first met here at home this morning handing over the Razor Master Shaving Soaps.
Immediately spent some time together and now we see each other here.:daumenhoch

This morning I saw the pictures of Jaap's shaving collection and became silent for a while......beautiful collection.daumenh!

They had good coffee at Hans place , and a few shaving soaps.
A friendly gift to me was the Stirling Satsuma , and i will use it verry soon.
Smells great !
Thanks for the nice meeting.
Oops. Meant to go under SotD

Shavemac zebra/beehive/24/56/bulb/Silvertip/D01
La Toja stick
Maravilla - Curvada metal box brown cushioning
Wyzamet - Iridium Super (1)

The La Toja was a gift with the Maravilla I received yesterday. The D01 is not the best for stick, as it first eats then delivers lather, and with a stick you need more loading to get to the deliver part.
Weird razor, this one really needs a lot of attention whilst loading the blade, as it is perfectly possible to get humongous exposure one corner of the head, and no exposure in the other three corners.
Still: five days of beard gone in three passes.
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Welcome Jaap! Pictues of your collection are very much appreciated!
Well , after a lot of stress , because its not working from my Phone , some more info ! :gutebesserung_schild:gutebesserung_schild


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