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New Member


Hello all,

I'm a new member, and also new to honing. I've wet shaved for ever and have used a straight for many years as well. I was given a hone years ago by a barber and I really didn't know anything about it. I usually just took my straights to a barber whenever they needed touch-up. Those days are gone, so I've been using an old Panama barber hone for touch-ups (works pretty good). I recently have discovered that the hone given me years ago is a combi BBW/Coticule and I'm now starting to learn to use it. I don't have a slurry stone for it, so I've been using a hard Arkansas to raise slurry with pretty poor results.

Can anyone direct me to a source of a real slurry stone?

Glad to be a member.


Hello and welcome to JasCas

I have no doubt that you will find all the help, encouragement, and advice that you will ever need here.

As for the slurry stone, you could post a wanted in the sales area? I would ask Sir Bart if he had one that he could kindly let you have, failing that you could contact Ardennes directly here:

Worse comes to the worse check Egay:

Best wishes and every success on the Coticule journey
Ralfson (Dr)
Welcome aboard, soldier! :thumbup:

That was a pretty nice gift, wasn't it. :)

Well, Bart was mentioning raising slurry with anything abrasive enough to do it, e.g. DMT, or even ordinary abrasive paper. However, you need to watch out for particles left in the slurry, but he said that it's hard to miss them.

kind regards,
Welcome to, JasCas.

You have received an e-mail.:)

Kind regards,