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New Proraso formula’s


Well-Known Member
Anyone heard of the new so called Proraso super formula or got experience with it?
Apparently they reformulated their soaps and creams.


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Saw a thread on badger&blade about it. New packaging and reformulated soaps, pre-shaves and creams. Curious to see what the differences would be.

The King

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Usually, new formulas are shared with us on a large scale through normal sales channels, and especially a product sold worldwide like Proraso would already have been widely known to us for a long time.

Probably the same joke when our own Vergulde Hand was talked about new etc it turned out to be the same mess, only the container it was in had changed.....although the price was also increased with 20%.


Blade Whisperer
Regarding the Green After Shave Lotion (Lozione da Barba) I do not find a difference. However, the new green pre shave (Crema pre barba) without alcohol is worse than the old one. Will not buy anymore. Do not use other Products of Proraso anymore. However, the ASL is Stil very good.


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The new Super Formula is a tweaked version, AFAIK, for the better. They also removed tetrasodium EDTA and replaced it for something better for the skin.
There is also a new Proraso Blue Pre-Shave cream and new container designs.