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New razor


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I purchased a Joseph Rodgers & sons razor a week ago on Ebay, and it just arrived today. Its my first wedge, a 5/8 with a barbers notch. I have been wanting to try a wedge and got this one for $15.55 plus $4 shipping, and I thought that was a fair price so I pulled the trigger. Gonna sharpen her up later today.I have been searching the web trying to find out its approximate age, but no luck yet. I also recently received some flitz samples in the mail so we'll see how much more it cleans up before it hits the hone. Excited:lol:




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Hi Louis,
Nice photos!! They are noted as good shavers!
I did some checking and your razor seems to have markings used from ~1830-1889. No country of origin says that it is before 1890. The *+ is before the stamping, not above as used somewhat earlier. It has two stabilizers(double hollow ground so I would guess a later model.}
The near wedges are more in the Civil war era and before.
All dates on these are subject to confusion as razors came and went with folks across the pond when they traveled. And.. the guys who owned and knew them are gone.
It should be a good razor! Do not over hone it and do some reading on how to hone that type of razor.
I hope this may help!


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Nice razor :thumbup:

I have one in 6/8 just like it, and it was one of my earliest restores, and the first wedge I ever honed, it shaves incredibly well, its a keeper for sure, I treasure mine. I wish you every success.

Ralfson (Dr)


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Great snag off ebay. No big deal honing this up, I always use at least one piece of tape to start and usually end up with two. Take your time and this will be a keeper I am sure.