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New stones


A few months back I bought two new stones which Rob picked out for me superbly. One a very fast hard La Dressante which i asked to be picked out for chef knife use for work although it does do a great job for razors. Second a la petite blanche which produces great edges which I like:) . Recently I found a vintage thuringian at a car boot sale for a bargain price of 2 pounds which does produce a keener edge than i can get on a coticule. However it stings considerably more when the alum block is applied in comparison to the coticule and especially the "La petite blanche". So my preference is strongly on the side of the coticule. Any body else found the same thing or is just me with regards to coticules and thurungians.



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actauly i have one in my cabinet . i did'nt find it gave a keener edge but the edge was not quite on par with the smoothness of my coticules. the hone felt nice to work on i must say. i supose they can vary, i found escher gave a nice edge but more crispy edge . i realy have settled for coticule edge as i prefer the buttery smoothness and the feel of my skin being untouched.



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Those are 2 beautiful Coticules.

I don't know much about Thüringer hones, but if sharpening razors was a matter of sharpness only, we would all be using diamond lapping films. Maybe you need to pay very careful attention to using as little pressure as possible while shaving. That could possibly solve your problems with keener edges. With all that said, a perfect Coticule edge shaves effortlessly and close. I can't imagine needing any extra keenness for my razors. But that's just me.

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I too have a Thuringian in my hone drawer, tried it a lot, got pretty good with it too, I would say that I honesty do not believe the edge is any sharper than a top notch Coticule edge, I just found it a LITTLE easier to achieve
However I can also honestly say the edge is not as smooth as a top notch coticule edge, I have a vintage charnley Forest as well, a rare and sought after stone, the results are very very sharp, and no where near as smooth as a Coticule either.

Ray summed it up for me when he wrote something like: "If you own a Coticule and are still searching for the perfect finishing stone, stop now because you already have it"
No Joke :thumbup:

Best Regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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tat2Ralfy said:
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that makes sense, i tryed eschers 12k naniwas , thinking am i missing somthing. a lot of money was spent in that time. i sold those hones and realy don't bother with any other hones except my coticules.its not a bad thing to try other hones, as we all like to experiment. as ralfy no's and i do the coticule realy does give you a smooth edge. i stick with what i no now and what works.



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I own an Escher and a few old Thuringian hones and I find almost the same as you and Gary. The big difference is, for me, Escher type hones can't hone all the way through like a coticule can and it cost 300.00-700.00USD although great edges, whereas a coticule can cost you maybe 100.00usd for a decent size..