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New to coticule, possible layer id?


New Member
Hello everyone,

My name is Danny and I am new to the fabulous world of coticules :). I have been using the forums to find some general information regarding honing, touch ups, etc. Some time ago I decided to purchase some coti's and play around with them for a while. I do have some experience with naniwas but I was really surprised about the results from these natural stones. I would like to thank Bart for his nice videos regarding the Unicot method :thumbup: , haven't tried the Dilucot method but I get some stunning results already :D.These rocks truly give me some satisfaction knowing they are natures products and not man made synthetic hones.

I was wondering if someone could help me with the identification of these stones. I think they are "La Dressante au Bleu's", and they all have BWW backings. I want to mention that the left one (top one one the side view) has blue lines running along the the sides, and more prevalent on the other side and top. The smaller stone seems to be the fastest but the middle and left one give nice smooth but sharp edges.
If anyone could help me out thanks a lot :thumbup:




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I think you may be correct with your guess of La Dressante au Bleu. Nice stones :thumbup:


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the first two are as you say. the smaller one is fast on slurry and makes sense as its a la patite blanche. they are fast on slurry. by the sounds of it you get better unicot edges of the drasante's.

with the lpb when finishing finish under running water . They seem to auto slurry ever so slightly.


paul i must of been typing as you were.


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Welcome Danny,

I think to both longer stones indeed qualify as La Dressante au Bleu, albeit the one with several faint blue lines running at the lateral side, could be La Nouvelle Veine as well. But looking at the surface, I'd put my money on La Dressante.

The shorter one is harder to identify. If the bold line at the lateral side was blue, I would instantly say La Petite Blanche. But it's a black line, right? I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually a La Veinnette.

Whatever they are, they will all work just fine, as you've already experienced.:thumbup:

Best regards,


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It may be a La Veinnette. The BBW does have what may be white lines in it. The lateral edges has blue and either dark blue or black lines... Either way, it's one of the other :)


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Thanks a lot for the help :thumbup:. For me it doesnt matter that much from which layer they came from as long as they do the job B)
The small one doesn't have any blue lines but the larger one on the left does.