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Newbie baffled


Newbie to the art of sr shaving and having read the forums still cannot decide between bbw or coticule.I am willing to put the effort in to learn how to hone properly so which way should i go?(cost allowing):)


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Hi and welcome to, Coticule is the one, it covers all bases and the edges you can achieve are unbeatable :thumbup:


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For honing razors, one Coticule of about 4cm X 15 cm suffices. Currently costs 42 EUR at Ardennes' Coticule storefront.
An irregularly shaped "bout" of size "7", can be had for 30 EUR. If you make sure to purchase one with at least one long edge of 15cm and the smallest end not less than 3 cm, that one too will do the job just fine.

The BBW can hone a razor as well, but it is not as fast and therefor less versatile. A Coticule can really start out on pretty dull edges, while a BBW may require some prior work on a coarser hone. For finishing the edge, Coticules have been used for ages. On the Belgian Blue, we're only at the first steps of finding out how to optimize the final results of that whetstone, trying to reach results that have a right on their own, without the need for additional work on other hones or pasted strops. The last few weeks I've shaved several times off a BBW with very good results. But more tests need to be done.

I think that eventually Coticule and a BBW compare like a horse and a donkey. Both will get you to Paris. But you might prefer to horse if you can afford it. Yet you might sympathize with the donkey :rolleyes:

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Right then, Coticule ordered from "The Invisible Edge" should be here tomorrow,got me nose pressed against the window in anticipation of the postie coming:D


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Hi guy's, yes enjoying vaccation i'm of to adaleide tomorrow for fourteen day's.Just finished ten days in surfers paradise, what an amazing place.I bumped into internet cafe, so i will be on line when possible . I've taken my travel paddle and just one razor, it will be the longest i've ever shaved with one razor. I will see how long it holds up. all the best Gary