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Newbie From TN


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Greetings to all. I'm new to this site and may be interested in shaving with a vintage Gillette but am not sure yet. Always willing to change things up a bit. The only reason I'm considering changing it up is due to inheriting a few razors, mostly Gillette but some others like Autostrop and Christy. I've had a beard most of my life and only recently went to a clean face. Just not sure if that is for me yet. In the meantime, what would be a fairly decent vintage razor if I decide to stay with a clean face? And if I need help identifying some of these razors, will you all be able to assist?


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Welcome. Some of the intage Gillette belong to the best there are, but be warned: going the way of vintage razors may be a slippery slope: There's loads of different ones and you're going to want to try them all.
Very happy to try and help you identify them :)


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Welcome. Great to see another member from my half of the ocean.

If it is Gillettes that you are interested in, there is more than enough information and eye candy to view, as well as opinions of the shave quality of many of them.
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