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hi lads,
just a quick intro, i,m straight now for about 7/8 months & now is the time for me to invest in a hone & learn all things honing i checked all info in relation to hones from nortons to naniwas to god knows what & i think a coticule is the best way to go, being murphys law i have ordered a 4x1.5 coticule from best sharpenings last week & then i stumbled upon this site & then the cloud covered all the land so i hope to have the stone here in a week or so, i,ve read loads in the archive threads so hopily i,ll be able to pick up some tips along the way,
Let me be the first to welcome you to!

I've just been here for a bit, and I don't own a coticule myself yet, but I think if I had everything to do over again, I would definitely have gotten a coticule as my first hone. There are a lot of options out there, but what draws me into coticules now is Bart's objective articles on different honing methods. At a lot of different sites, advice or descriptions seem to be kept as vague as possible, but Bart's articles seem to narrow down the methodology so that it's easier for a newbie to understand.

Hopefully you will learn a lot here, it's amazing source of information with plenty of gentlemen who share all kinds of tips and knowledge. Have fun with you Coti-cool! :lol:

kind regards,
Velkome Cooltide :thumbup:

If theres anything at all you need to know about Honing Razors using Coticules, you will either find it, or someone who will tell you it, right here.
Best wishes with your Honing adventure
Ralfson (Dr)
Welcome Cooltide!
With a Coticule on the way, you've come to the right place.:)

Kind regards,