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Reserved - Payment pending Nightdivers Barbershop Tulip Purple Jellyfish with 24mm Oumo SHD Hook Brush

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Blade Whisperer
I still had a new handle here made by Nightdiver, Barbershop Tulip Purple Jellyfish Edition (from old production, therefore still with old logo before 2015/16) which I have equipped with a new 24mm Oumo SHD Hook Fan - knot.

The knot was foamed only a few times to de-smoke the badger smell and and one time tried. However, then cleaned in a borax and disinfected. So actually as good as new, only that it no longer smells so badger. To me the fan is too big because it feels more like a 26-28mm on the face than a 24. Loft is set at 50mm. The knot is fantastically soft in the tips with the treated hook tips when wet with a strong gel like feel. With dry condition you wouldn't trust the hair to do that at all because it feels scratchy. Backbone has this brush also sufficient. Brush handle is 55mm high, so the brush in total with knots comes to a total height of 105mm.

To grab for EUR 50- plus shipping from Germany.

9E2AE3D5-E7D9-4399-8DE5-BBFC1EE39389.jpeg C08F490E-79B5-47CA-8FE1-5B81526B67EF.jpeg FDE49DD9-5A0D-45D8-ACB6-E6078F7AC0E7.jpeg