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No. 15, 16 and 20 arrived


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Hey all,

So my package from Belgium finally came today, with my coticules #15, 16, and 20. There was one weird thing though, the long La Petite Blanche that I was expecting for #20 isn't exactly like #20 from the vault....But the thing is the stone that they sent me is a gorgeous looking long and skinny La Petite Blanche. The one from the vault is supposed to be 3.5 cm x 24 cm and the one I got is 4 cm X 21.5 cm, and the surface looks different. So similar in size, but different enough that I'm sure they sent me the wrong one....But the one I got is so gorgeous and a nice sized hone, so I still want it! (Well I did pay for it afterall :)) I'm sure it's also a La Petite Blanche due to the black line running down the sides of the hone. So Bart, maybe you can confirm for me, is that long hone coticule #20 or not?? I'm keeping it regardless, it's a gorgeous rectangular combination hone.

EDIT: I emailed Rob. I'm sure it's not coticule #20, so I just informed him of the small problem (but I mentioned that I'm happy with the one he replaced it with, so not really a problem :)). So hopefully he can find coticule #20 afterall, since that is the one I wanted originally afterall. B)

Here are the pics. I haven't really played around with them yet, but I like how pretty they look. I will post more info when I get more practice with them. Rob was kind enough to include matching slurry stones for each too.




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What beautiful slabs,… err stones!... this is indeed a happy Christmas for you Dave.:w00t:


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When I returned the hones to the quarry, Maurice and I payed some special attention to n°20. There was a bit of a crack running in the narrow side of the hone. Upon squeezing the hone, you could see the crack compress a bit. Maurice hooked his fingernail in the crack and tried lifting it a bit. At that point, that part of the Coticule layer separated from the stone. Maurice immediately said the stone was lost, but I asked him if the part could be glued back on. Which he did, using some CA glue and a few clamps. He said the crack where the part broke off, would possibly keep interfering with honing razors. We left it to dry and forgot about it during the rest of my visit.

I guess Maurice assessed the situation later on, and decided that it was better to replace the hone with another one.
Which demonstrates the man's honest commitment to deliver only the best.
As far as performance is considered, if there's one layer that has shown complete consistency in Coticule properties, it's got to be "La Petite Blanche". The replacement n°20 will beyond any reasonable doubt perform the same as the original one. That statement is not true for all Coticule layers.

Merry Christmas,


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Bart said:
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Thanks for clearing that up. I am MORE than happy with the replacement, I was just a little confused initially as to why I got it. It's very similar to no. 20, as it's a long and skinny La Petite Blanche combo stone. This one has a beautiful surface, very appealing to look at. :w00t:

I emailed Rob last night asking if he could find no. 20 as I thought the wrong one was sent to me (I asked nicely :) ). But now that I know what happened, I just sent Rob another email explaining to disregard my last email and I understand it was a replacement. I also thanked him for a fantastic replacement!! :thumbup:

Merry Christas to you all. :)