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No. 22 dimensions?

I don't know...:rolleyes:

Allow me to explain.

A week after I came back from Ardennes with the previous batch of hones, I gathered up with some Belgian friends that all shave with a straight razor. (we do this every few months, next one coming up on December 19th) My friend Marco was trying that hone and it turned out an amazing piece. Extremely fast. Marco was our host, that evening, and I left the hone over there for him to play around with it. A few weeks ago, I saw Marco, and he asked me if it was ok for me to take money to Ardennes instead of that hone.
That's the story on n°22. It lives in a good home. I'll get to see it every once in a while, and it'll receive its full report eventually.

N°13 and n°18 are still here and being tested.
I've brought a new batch from Ardennes. Pictures will follow somewhere next week.

A new batch?... can't wait... please stop me if you see the onset of CHAD (Cuticule HAD)
Smythe said:
A new batch?... can't wait... please stop me if you see the onset of CHAD (Cuticule HAD)
Has your coffin arrived yet, my friend?

Not yet... but packages from Euro will take up to 2 weeks or more to arrive...
My grandfather would say the longer the food cooks, the sweeter it taste... I've learned to be patient.
maro said:
A new batch..? :w00t:
Bart, have you by chance had time to find something for a kind favour I was shyly hoping for? :blush:
I mean this post: text

abcd didn't work so I don't know how to mask URL with "abcd" text here. :confused:
(url=the-cafetaria/message/247.html] text (/url]

the format is something like this.

Ardennes had limited stock of large hones, but I didn't bring any back.
I forgot about your request, please accept my apologies for that.
But that is not thee only reason, I didn't bring any large hones.
They have several orders waiting to be send to resellers for the simple reason they can't complete the orders with the large select grade hones those vendors are ordering. So I didn't want to inconvenience them with taking a large hone from their stock.
But you can contact them through their website and order a large stone directly. I recall seeing one with mangane lines, like the one Ralphy has. If you move fast, they might still have it. Would I have remembered your request, I would have layed it asside. It's for this reason, that I decided to no longer honor those requests in the future. I get so many, that it became impossible to keep track of them all.

Kind regards,