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Nordic Shaving Company shaving soaps


Producer/ Dealer
Please find attached a PDF brochure of the NSC shaving soaps.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact! Thanks!
nordic_shaving_company_citrus_ginger_80g_1.jpg nordic_shaving_company_citrus_ginger_80g_2.jpg nordic_shaving_company_kahvi_80g_1.jpg nordic_shaving_company_kahvi_80g_2.jpg nordic_shaving_company_koivu_80g_1.jpg nordic_shaving_company_koivu_80g_2.jpg nordic_shaving_company_terva_80g_1.jpg nordic_shaving_company_terva_80g_2.jpg


  • Nordic Shaving Company Shaving Soaps.pdf
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Very nice action Jari and thank you for allowing me to participate and for receiving the Birch shaving soap.
And although I am a bit biased because I liked the Ari soap so much, I will give as honest an opinion as possible.
Again, the soaps have been applied today and the first impression of the fragrances is great.

A coffee scent that reminds me of my favorite coffee flavor, the Wiener Melange to which something chocolate and coffee has been added.

The Birch is of a very different order and a lovely fresh summer scent.

Both of them are nicely perceptible smelling so good at the pot.

I have already apologized to Jari that because of the heat wave our country sighs under and the accompanying high temperature in the bathroom, the heavily gementholed soaps have to cool down the head for the first few days.

But after that it's the first time these soaps are used.

Once again I express my thanks to Jari for this action. daumenh!
Stirling 26/54,
Nordic Shaving Company Pine Tar,
Paradigm 17/4,
Ladas (3),
Kruidvat alum,
Pine/turpentine/cedar aftershave balm.


First impressions when opening the tub, so kindly send to me by Jari, were a little overwhelming.
But that was because I didn't know what pine tar really is and I was expecting a more pine-ish scent. The scent reminds me of the Stirling British Leather.
The lather is excellent and very easy to make. It is a slick lather.
My homemade aftershave balm accomplished the pine tar nicely.

First shave with the Paradigm, I was trying to be sceptical, but it seems like everything they say about these razor is true ...
To soon for final thoughts but it's been awhile since I have such a clean shave with absolutely no sting from the alum.
How easy is it too forget the pain in the Wallet when you have such a result? daumenh!

Otherwise I’m sure if you ask nicely someone will take it off your hand:proud
Stirling 26/54,
Nordic Shaving Company Pine Tar,
Paradigm 17/4,
Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus (1),
Lemon Eau de Cologne,
Pine/turpentine/cedar aftershave balm.


Second shave with the Nordic Shaving Company Pine Tar, soap does a good job.
Scentwise, it starts to grow on me, it's more of a autumnsoap for me, it makes me wanting to build a huge campfire, that sort of things.