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O.F. Maier in cherry


Well-Known Member

O.F. Maier. Los Angeles Calif.M.i.Germany.
"Black Diamond"

Scales in cherry, wenge wedge and finished with a light touch of C.A.




Regards gents
Ooh now thats a pretty thing :thumbup:
I love the cherry wood, and the wenge wedge looks wonderful
The washers and pinning too are really well done
Good work Torben and well worthy of the title:

"Bartwell" Beautiful Amateur Razor Torbens Wood skills Excel in Loving Lustre

Best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)
That's outstanding work. I love the shape of the scales, quite original.
I've 2 small remarks. The lined of the wood runs with opposite curve as the curve in the scales. I think I would like it even more if the grain followed the curve. And these scales definitely ask for a 7/8 smiling razor.

But it remains beautiful work. Very well done, Torben!

Nice work! As Bart said, the shape is very pleasing.

I also have 2 small remarks. The finish doesn't look quite finished. Perhaps it is just the way you took the photo of the wedge end. The other thing is the bent pin on the wedge end. I wouldn't try to hammer it any more though.

Keep up the good work,

Thanks for looking gents. And thank you for you`re comments Bart & Ray.
You are both right about the issues you mentioned. The first attempt of CA`ing the scales did not turn out well on the wenge wedge. So it was sanded down and then CA`ed again at the wedge end. Will try to improve the finish.
As for the bend pin: Got myself a drill press for the Dremel..and it was terrible at drilling holes, the second it touched the surface of the scales it went in the wrong direction :sneaky: Works great at holding the dremel for other oprations but as a small drill press way.

Thanks again folks. Your inputs are most appriciated.

Project going on: One of Sir Bart`s DA`s redressed in bubinga(?). Though this one does puzzle me a bit...the blade seems somehow to be completely off center thus hitting the scales..just cant see why the heck it does so..hmmm:-/ all seems to be symetrical but anyway.....

Regards gents