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Okt. 13th - Okt. 19th 2019


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  • Martin de Candre
  • Thäter 4125/5 2-Band
  • Rex / GSB
  • Myrsol Formula Extra
  • Chanel Antaeus EdT
Have a nice Sunday, Gentlemen
  • Faena Dorica
  • Faena Manshurian 25mm
  • SWK Basic Scuttle
  • Rex Ambassador
  • Feather Hi-Stainless
  • Ralon Original ASL
I use safety razors with DE-Baldes for a cuple of years now and was never keen with the Feather. However, this was the first shave ever where I was satisfied with the Feather. In the Rex Ambassador it gave me a smooth and comfortable shave today.
Hi Friends,

here my Wellness-Shave from Sunday 23.10

Razor: Karve (C-plate)
Blade: Polsilver Super Iridium
Brush: Felix Schulze 22mm Synthetic
Soap: Klar Klassik
Aftershave: Lucky Tiger

The Karve is an impressing razor. What a smooth shave, especially against the grain in the 3rd pass. Stunning!!! I thought my Weber was my reference, but the Karve topped it. I have it on loan, but ordered it moments ago myself just because of it's stunning performance. Now i'm in the Karve Owners Club :drool::drool::drool:

The brush is a homemade one of a friend of mine with a 22mm Synthetic knot. The handle is made of wood of the Cologne Cathedral. That makes it very special. Lathered up the Klar Klassik fantastic to a rich, thick, shiny and very comfortable lather.

As Aftershave i've used my Lucky Tiger. Great stuff.

Hope all of you are doing well.


AP Shave Co Synbad 30 mm
Murphy & McNeil Garda Siochana
Tatara Nodachi
Personna Lab Blue (2)
Humprey’s Citrus
Myrsol Lemon
Murphy & McNeil Garda Siochana ASB

A refreshing shave with citrus as central theme. The Murphy & McNeil scent gives a rich and creamy lather. Have a good day!

Pre-shave: Vitos Menthol
Shaving Soap / Cream: Saponoficio Bignoli VioletteDi Parma
After Shave : Alpa
Eau de Toilette: L.T. Piver

Shaving Brush: Yagi 30 mm. Syntheet Tuxedo

Safety Razor: Windrose “Il de France”
Razor Blade: Gillette Nacet

Curious by the remark of @gvw755 that the Windrose “Il de France” would shave better than the "Fasan" clone it tried today so.

And actually this is a very different story say what an efficient say but aggressive razor this is. Of course it's a bulky piece of metal but it shaves well above expectations.

Also the finish is a lot better of the "il de France" razor blade and the top plate have almost no room to manoeuvre.

What was also a wonderful discovery was the shaving soap, a delicious fresh Violin scent with which it was fine shaving.
Shavemac Shaving Society LE2018/Jungle Moss/24/50/fan/Silvertip
Vreto - Mandarin Mint
SUB Daishi 13/16

Truly a great straight. Very happy @Snuff sold this, although I don't quite understand why :)