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Old Dilucot


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Can someone please explain the old dilucot method in 4k words or less. I have tried the search feature, but the "improved dilucot" overwhelms the search. I just want to know where you guys have been. Sincerely, Denny


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Essentially, it was utilizing X strokes and diluting based on feel and an understanding of the slurry, stone, and razor instead of a set amount of strokes and specific dilution protocol... It was a much more existential experience, IMHO. The newer version is a much easier one to learn.

How was that?


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Well, thanks, Paul. After just "celebrating" my 61rst birthday, all things existential are very important to me.

All X-strokes? No wonder the man is so fast!

I have been playing with a couple things that rely on the fact that it is nearly impossible to overhone with a coticule. Also playing with media other than water--know Bart has probably tried more than Edison did with the light bulb, but I can't help it. Will elucidate later. Thanks, again, my friend. Denny


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Yes it was fun :thumbup:
I would like to say that I still do it at times, but I IIRC we used 1/2 strokes to set the bevel, then sets of 30 ish regular x strokes, adding a drop or two of water everytime, until all the slurry was diluted away, then up to 100 more X strokes to finish on water.

That was I think the basic set up, however as Paul rightly said it took a great deal of experience to get to know when it was right to dilute, too soon and the edge wasnt ables to keep up, and the slurry wasnt thick enough to bring it back either, I worked on about 400-500 X strokes per Dilucot, of course "The Master" could do it in about 300 was it Bart? (Show Off!) :p

It was Waaayyy slower, took up to an hour when I first started, although once I had mastered it to enough of a degree I cut that time in half.

I am very very grateful to Sir Bart for that old method, I learnt sooo much doing it that way, I cant help thinking guys that only have to take the time to learn the new method are missing out a little, and I wouldnt have wanted it any other way.

Ralfson (Dr)


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I am sorry I didn't roam that same path with you guys. Looking at the old threads gives me a good feel for the camradery you yahoos developed. Still good now, though. It is amazing how generous people can be when they share the same experience. Sincerely, Denny