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Opinions on These 330mate Hones?


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Hey all,

I was just wondering if anyone could give me an opinion on a couple of decently priced stones on I know there are some more experience with Japanese hones that I (JimR and mitchshrader come to mind), so I'm hoping that you could help me out.

Based on the HGAL ratings (Hardness, Grit, Aggressiveness, Lightness/Feel of hone), they both seem like good stones, but that's all I really have to go on, especially since the translation Google provides for the Japanese doesn't really tell me that much.

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HGAL is 5-/3 + + + +/3 + + +/ 3 + + + +


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HGAL is 5+/3 + + + +/3 + + + +/ 3 + + + +


There were a lot of other very nice looking stones, but I picked out those 2 for the high ratings in the HGAL (like I said, it's all I really had to go on) for a reasonable price, and also they seemed like a good size/shape for honing razors.

I'm more interested in #1, since it's less than half the price than #2, and seems to be a softer stone (relatively), but slightly less aggresive. But still seems to be a good rating, but what do I know??

Any thoughts??? Are they appropriate for razors? It looks like they are, and in the translated description it mentions the use of the stone for Japanese swords and razors.

Also, what kind of stone are they? I have no idea what the stamps mean....

Thanks guys!



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I am sorry the ones with the smiley face are only useful for curved razors... however the flat ones look promising for straights.
Humor aside... it's true, with the interest in Japanese natural hones it would be a good idea if we know what those numbers mean.

I too will keep an eye on this thread.


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I know my stomach jumped when I saw that first one.

I have bought myself poor so it's no strain to say good luck. :)

Don't expect this abnormal condition to continue indefinitely. ;)

I don't know what you consider reasonable, but if the budget hadn't recently imploded I'd argue over it. Good Lookin' Rocks..


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As far as anyone knows, the stamps on his hones match NO known Honzan mine (the honzan is the mountain housing the Narutaki and Nakayama Mines), and those stamps appear ONLY on hones he sells...


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I have one of these stones. I acquired it a while back, and it works well as a finisher. The size of the stone is 2-5/8" wide x 7-3/4" long and comes in its own box.

I don't use it at all though, I prefer to stick with the Coticules. If you are interested in one of these, maybe we could trade for one of yours?



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Here is my view… I am illiterate in Japanese so I can only make assumptions here.

They sell cutlery… back in the old days, “cutlery” would have included razors for shaving, however they don’t make razors for shaving anymore so today most cutlery outlets would have knives and other cutting tools except razors for shaving. I also assume they would not stock the type of hones intended for razors.

Not trying to throw a wet blanket on the discussion… I may be wrong about the above and they may indeed have stones that are excellent for razors, so I am still curious.


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Smythe said:
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I think your point is valid. 330mate's stones APPEAR to be a crap shoot. His "grading" system seems to be a mystery to everyone buy himself, and some guys have some of his stones that turned out to not be good for razors while some are. I got lucky with one and it is quite good (in fact, I've finished some razors on it for experienced shavers who were quite pleased with the edge. However, I would not feel comfortable giving any one an endorsement per se.


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I will add only one more thing to this discussion: The "razor" comments only started appearing on his site AFTER he was discovered by people wanting Japanese hones on the cheap.

Caveat Emptor, gentlemen.


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JimR said:
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It sounds like the guy is chasing the money to me? I guess if you sharpen more than Razors and the stones are at a low enough price it would be worth getting one, if it turns out to be razor good then thats a bonus


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I have the sister stone to Rich and it finishes very well! However, if I were to do it again I would go with Old_School on SPR.