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Oumo Brush


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I assume many of you have seen the Oumo Brush Shop at Aliexpress already.

I recently got my first Oumo. An SHD Manchuria finest 2-band 24mm Amber Handle, around 3 1/2 weeks after order.

First of all, they don't know how to use the calliper as well as the guys at Yaqi. What looks out of the top is not a 24mm knot but a little bit more than 26mm. The loft length is indicated with 53mm. With a toothpick in the middle I get 47mm because of the glue dot.

But that was all with the criticism. The brush is great. I find the gel like tips ultra soft and probably I would be too blunted to find an even softer one of the Hook variant as some say. Even softer is hardly imaginable... besides that the loft of only 47mm has an extreme effect on the backbone. Yep, that’s how I like it. Pleasantly firm backbone and cuddly soft tips. The brush needs a little more soap (very good, you can at least reduce the stock), but it doesn't eat soap and releases it very well. From me it gets a clear recommendation to buy.

This is how it looked like when I got it


and now after 12 shaves


The King

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I've got a knot from OUMO and it's the 30 mm. Fan SHD HMW Silvertip gel tip.

And also this one has one of the softest ends of all my shaving brushes.

However the 30 mm. In the Fan version there is a lot of hair and fans out very much. It needs a lot of soap to fill the brush.

I'm thinking of replacing the Fan knot with a bulb version.


I've been told that the Oumo tips are chemically treated to become so soft. I'm not sure if this is common practice? It could matter on the life expectancy. Wonderful brushes though


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Used for the first time tonight my custom brush with the Oumo knot similar to @Hellas. Mine was a fan however and a SHD HMW. The seller stated it was a 27mm, which means probably a 26 or 28. Because I did not purchase the original knot, I am taking the seller's word for all of the specs.

I face lathered tonight and it was easy to load and lather, however I found that it takes a lot of soap and so I had to wet the tips and load more soap as I was building lather for my first pass. The tips were very soft on my face, but there was also good backbone and so it was just a pleasure to use. It was a bit of a soap hog, but I found out that most of the soap that I had to rinse out was all concentrated on the tips.

Considering that I used my newly acquired Paladin gel tip brush last night, I had a chance to compare first impressions between both. Right now, I will have to say that I favor the Oumo a little more. Of course this means that I need to use my Paladin tomorrow just to make sure my judgement was correct. ;)



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Well, I used my Paladin again tonight to compare both. I am finding several factors that may be making it hard for me to distinguish between the two. One thing is that since I am not the first owner of either, I don't know how much break in time was done on either brush. The other factor is that the SHD knots just throw out the factor of backbone or floppy as both have good backbone.

I did my dry brush technique for my Paladin tonight and I bowl lathered. What happened here is that I had to load more soap to the brush while bowl lathering. It did, however produce better results than the first time I used it when I soaked the brush and then squeezed out most water except for the tips. In the case of both brushes, I noticed that the gel tips really worked to soften the lathering on my face and the brushes felt soft even though they had good backbone.

I have to say that both brushes are now very close in comparison and both perform very well. there are difference in the performance and feel, but the variety is a good thing.