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Pass-Arounds - the Legalese :happy

We have two types off pass-around:
1. Pass-Arounds of products handed to us by producers/suppliers
2. Pass-Arounds of products owned by our members​

For a type 1 Pass-Around we kindly request the producer/manufacturer/reseller to contact the Forum-manager dirk (see the contact-page) on how to proceed.

A type 2 Pass-Around can be started by all members, provided they adhere to the following rules:

In the pass-around, members provide other members with shaving related items (e.g. DE-razors, straights, brushes, shaving soaps) free of charge (excluding shipping costs). Of course, the owner himself decides if and what he wants to put in the pass-around and also if, for example, a "deposit" has to be paid for particularly expensive items. We don't want to set up any big rules for the successful implementation, but an adequate "behavior" should be a matter of course - so let's go:

1. Find something you like:
In the Pass-Around area, members of the Shaving-Universe offer beautiful shaving-equipment for loan in a generous manner. Choose something you've always wanted to try. Now you have the opportunity.
Read the first post in the thread carefully. Do you agree to the conditions of the loan which the nice member has set up? Do you also agree to fulfill any conditions that may have been set for you?
Then it goes on!

2. Say: "Yes, I will, please!
Write something like: "The razor is beautiful. I would like to try it out for myself. Please add me to the list!
If nothing stands in the way of a loan now, it means wait and see. You will be placed on the list and have to wait your turn. Then the person in front of you on the list will contact you. He will ask for your address (please only give and ask for addresses via personal message, not by forum post) and then send you the razor.
If you hold the razor in your hands a few days later, please inform the sender and the owner of the razor that the razor has arrived safely. Easiest way to do so is post in the Pass-Around thread.

3. Cleaning the borrowed items
As you know, the razor/brush has probably passed through many hands - and will pass through many hands as well. A few rules for cleaning the razor will help you to be satisfied and others to be.
Please clean the razor thoroughly (with detergent and (soft!) toothbrush if necessary) and disinfect it before sending it to the next member. A good disinfectant is Barbicide (which is available on eBay, Amazon and other online shops) and/or a 70% alcohol solution, which you can find in any pharmacy or online.
Either make a mixture of 60ml Barbicide and 1 litre water and leave the razor in it for 10 minutes, or put the razor in the 70% alcohol solution for 10 minutes. Rinse the razor with water and dry well.
For shaving brushes, please ask the owner if and how he wants the brush cleaned. A good cleaning and disinfecting agent for this is a spoonful of borax (if available in your country) together with a drop of detergent in 250 ml lukewarm water for about 20 minutes.

4. Use the shaver/brush and let us know your opinion about it
Now we're finally getting started. You want to try out several blades in a razor, test several settings of an adjustable or lather several soaps with a brush? Go ahead!
But please also write your experiences to the razor/brush, so that other members also have something of your knowledge: How do you like it optically, haptically? Does it behave like other shavers you already know when it comes to shaving? You don't have to write a long essay, don't worry. But it should be a few sentences. Please use the respective technical thread for this, the section Passaround is only for the organization and handling of the same.
Some loans are made possible by manufacturers. They may want to use your productive feedback to optimize their products. Remember: always be objective and polite, even if you want to criticize.

5. Cleaning again
Before you send the razor to the next one on the list, clean and disinfect it again as described above. The razor should be at least as shiny, the brush at least as "dusty" as the one you got.

6. Send the razor/brush on
Write the next member in the list by personal message. Ask for the address. Wrap the shaver securely in bubble wrap, newspaper, etc.
Check if the owner of the razor has specified a specific shipping method. Send the razor only (sufficiently) insured and with tracking number. So you are on the safe side and can prove that you have forwarded it.

7. The most important thing at the end: Say "Thank you"!
Someone was so generous and lent you his shaver/brush for free. A short "thank you" in the loan article goes without saying.

And who knows: Maybe you'll start the next loan with a nice shaver / brush from your inventory.
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