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paste on canvas strop?


Active Member
I have a Tony Miller 3" Latigo/Cotton strop and so far I haven't done anything to my cotton strop. Do you usually put paste on it (like the Dovo white paste) or do you leave it as it is?


Well-Known Member
It should work just fine as it is
The dovo white is the only paste i know of that can be used on cotton strop for dayly use

I used it on previous cotton strops. now i dont use after changing to linen

If the strop is slow or coarse dovo white paste may help with that
And it differ from anything else as you can actually use a lot of it


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i would leave as it is . i have used the white paste and i did'nt notice any if much differance . other fokes may of but i realy did'nt. same with leather unless you need raize some more draw i would never put any conditioner on leather. just rub both sides with palm of hand .


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As said from me too, I would leave as is, I do use the dovo white on canvas and it has make my R+R much faster and smoother, but your TM should be fine as it is.

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)