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pasted strop or paddle


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I'm currantly using issards on my canvas strop and cro ox on livi loom. I recently read that it is recomended to paste on paddle only as canvas strop can distort the the edge because of drooping on strop even if pulled tight is this true or false?

As i actualy prefer to use paste on my strop its quiker and seems more efective i just sold my four sided paddle as i did'nt need it any more.
I only ever use a hanging strop, but paste leather not canvas/cloth
saying that my dovo combo has white dovo paste on the linen side, never had a problem myself, I think as long as you use the strop correctly all should be well, but as said I have not used a hanging cloth strop with paste coarser than the dovo white, which I am led to believe is very very fine? to me Paddles seem like a strange thing, their like hones but as fine as a paste.

I would like to try a paddle though just to see how they perform, I take it you no longer feel the need for one mate?
Well i find with smooth cotton the paste goes on a lot better. I just sold my tony miller paddle which are realy well made but i tryed both and the edges of the strop are better in my apinion and much easier. plus with issards pate in comes in like a crayon and takes to canvas easier my cr.ox is also a crayon form from livi and that goes on my cotton loom so easy i tryed on leather and as it goes on it kind of rubs back off dovo/paste oviously go on leather so much easier i tryed the red dovo paste on leather strop and it soaked in realy good.
Yeah I like both black and red dovo, use the black quite a bit, but the strop I have the red on is a bit stiff, its a cheapy and the leather is a little hard, any ideas mate?
Are you using the red/black that comes in a kind of block.or the little tubes. I once pasted a strop with paste and it did'nt work that well i put that down to the leather. I have a brand new dovo leather /canvas strop i got it from my suppliers it cost me £24 they retail at £38 to £45 i was going to put it on srp for £30 if you or any one on this forum wants it they can have it for What i paid for it £24 i just get my money back. Ralfy if you need any dovo's paste i will also get you at trade just let me no any time and my supplier will post direct to you.
Thanks mate, I use the block dovo, would like to try the Crox in "crayon" form, I will take your strop please, if you message me your details i can send the cash signed for if you like, also which paste do you use on linen leather? I fancy Crox on the cloth and dovo black on the leather?
Many thanks Mate, I will message you in case you dont come back on here for a bit
I believe MParker over at SRP & B&B said that he finds the canvas to work best in regards to Crox or a similar type paste. The ridges in the canvas prevent the paste from clumping up, which can happen on something like smooth leather, or balsa. I think this sort of stabilizes it. It probably helps in regards to swarf also.

I believe MParker did some experiments with paste also. I think he did a ton of laps on paste, like hundreds, and experience no ill effects. Don't quote me on this. You could try searching SRP for his posts, he has a lot of good information to share.

I think that as long as you keep the hanging strop tight and use light pressure, then you'll be good.