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Paul Schulze (Schulze, Espe, Selbstfahrer, ...)


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image.jpg A name that gives a person on this forum more slime production....

Paul Schulze Solingen-Weyer #14 and 7/8” . A suburb straight rasor bought NOS. The first shave was my most expensive shave so far

The last models of the factory are still image.jpg for sale at Revisor.


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One hell of a #14. 31/32 in size, a very narrow tang that makes the blade only seem bigger, and an utterly marvelous shaver.
DSC00437.JPG DSC00438.JPG DSC00439.JPG DSC00440.JPG DSC00441.JPG DSC00442.JPG


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Here's a Schulze "Wiener Schaber". Funny little razor, and the one that gave me my worst cut. After shaving. Was staring out of the window whilst closing the razor. One hand thought: why doesn't it close?, and pushed harder. At the same time the other hand thought: What's that on my finger and tried to pull away. I've seen my own bone o_O:smile
DSC00289.JPG DSC00291.JPG DSC00292.JPG DSC00294.JPG


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Three times Schulze No.118 between 4/8 and 5/8 all NOS pieces, the packaging has been opened at the flea market stand!
Unfortunately, despite storage in the sealed original boxes, the "age" has not passed them by without leaving a trace and
had to be polished.
S1.jpg S11.jpg
After polishing
S3.jpg S4.jpg
Regards Brille