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Penknife Coticule?


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Does anyone know of extra-large combo nagura stones, or approximately 2.5x10cm (1" x 4") small combo penknife stones? I'm hoping to find such for sharpening craft blades, and haven't a clue if they even exist. Any help much appreciated. :)
Not the formstones, but I noticed they had a 125mm x 30mm in both the BBW and the slate-backed coticule. Supposing they were matched for exact size, they could be glued and give me the result I want. A bit larger than necessary but that's not a complaint, close enough, and the proportions are good.

I'd much rather have a combo stone, but as stated havn't even heard of one in that size. In search of..
Coticule layers are usually sandwiched between layers of BBW-rock. Sometimes the Coticule layer is thick enough to cut multiple slices. Those slices are glued to slate nowadays (they used BBW in the old days, but with labor costs what they are, it's more cost-effective to glue the Coticule slabs to common slate tiles (Portuguese slate if memory serves). The individual hones are cut loose after the glue sets.
But there are always coticule slabs that are bonded to blue rock by nature. Those are just cut clean (a precision job) and sold as natural combination stones. They exist in all sizes. You can contact Ardennes through their website and let them know what you want. They're very forthcoming people and will try to suite your needs.

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