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Place where to find cheap scales


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As I am gathering quite cheap second hand razors to learn to hone, I bought in a "braderie" (big attic sale) a Le Grelot 6/8 "Royal Canada". The blade has some dark spots and grey patina but the plastic scale is in very poor ondition and the pivot had been replaced by a kind of nail withou washers. Do you know places (in Europe...) where I can buy a cheap replacement scale (plastic...), pins and washers for this kind of razor?

A picture or two would be great. Then we can take a look at the damage and see what`s in need..

Revisor have everything you need. and keep hitting the right arrow. used to carry scales, too, but they were more upmarket (Thiers Issard, if I recall correctly).

here are the pictures of the blade and of the scale (after removing the nail in the pivot hole).
There are some craks that goes from upper side to lower side of the scale.


I think the blade is the same as the Le Grelot 3/4 grind which are sold by rasurpur but as I don't know if I could get a mirror polish of the blade, I 'd rather buy a cheap scale. So Revisor should be a good solution.
The distance between the pivot hole to the point is quite the same as for the Puma 39 6/8 and the diameter of the pivot hole is about 3mm.
That is a nice looking razor. I would absolutely not put a mirror finish on it, if only to preserve the etching. I think that the obsession with mirror finishes is, well, an obsession. It is simple enough to do, and an easy way to achieve higher prices for used razors. But more often than not, they remove the aspect of history from a razor.

Funnily enough, one hardly sees matte finishes done by restorers (incidentally, messing around with a finish, removing goldwash or etchings and so on are not restorations but customisations). I have some razors from the 30s and 40s. The matte finishes on these are unsurpassed. That is art. Dragging a razor across a buffer is pretty much the opposite. But it has been popularised by hobby vendors with great commercial success.

On a tangent, I personally feel it might be worth putting some nice (read: horn) scales on your razor. It might be worth sending Thomas Kronenberg of Revisor an email to that effect. There are some nice examples in their gallery (also mind the "Rarität der Woche" (rarity of the week). There are some fantastic razors at killer prices in there :)

You can also buy them at theinvisibleedge. They come with pins etc.
Personally I would also recommend making scales yourself.
Thats a good looking blade.Any further polishing wont make it any better.

I`m not really sure,if you are looking for a full rescale or just repinning? The pictures doesnt really show the condition of the scales.

And I truly wouldnt put some cheap scales on such a beauty. But thats offcourse your choice.

As Robin say`s Revisor might have a solution for your need. Or surely our own Ray will.

I was thinking of this kind of scale
which resembles the one in poor condition I have when it was youger. This scale is cheap but also is this razor.

But you gave me so many good ideas that I hesitate.
I think I will first try to repin my scale using brass rod and tube to make washers and pin. Then maybe I'll try to make a scale in wood by myself (won't be easy for me who have two left hands).
And surely buy a replacement scale at Revisor (a horn scale is a good idea) and maybe one of their beautiful razor.
Just a stupid question: Revisor scales are sold with a washer and a nail, are washers between blade and scale not necessary?
If it just needs repinning and scale repairing,I`ll do it for you.
If rescalling is needed,its out of my reach me at this time.

But if you are the patient type,I will do it in my own time.

It`s up to you buddy.

Thanks a lot Torbs,

I want to try to repin the scale, just to know if I can do it. The scales are made of poor plastic in poor condition ( a lot of deep cracks). So if I break the scale while repinning, it will not be a big loss.
Just some question, I have read Ray's article and i'd like to use brass tube to fill the pivot hole, use a brass rod (diameter 1mm to 1,5mm) and mini inox flat washers (outer diameter 2,5mm) from a model maker shop, do I make something wrong? how much play is needed between tube and rod?
The wedge is 1mm wide and the tang 4mm, do I have to change for a wider wedge ( it seems that the blade closes on the scale)?
At present time, I'm looking for a good coticule to learn honing technique. So, the scale's look is not important to me.
But as soon as I will be able to hone this razor, I will change the scale if I find it is a good shaver.

So yes, I'm a patient guy and your spalted pecan scales look very beautiful!