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Purchased a while back somewhere in South America, not that I was there myself but you don't need to be with eBay, this witty orange plastic thingy.
Two striking things, apart from the colour of course, that you don't often see on DE-razors either. First, the bottom plate has the distinctive propeller shape we know from Apollo and Ben Hur. However, I cannot find any indication anywhere that they ever produced a (second) ball-jointed razor at Herckenrath. Doesn't mean a thing, though.
At the bottom of the handle is the name Plaisir. Seems like a brand, and in Solingen we find a Mon Plaisir, for razors, and we find the same in Thiers, and that was it. Somewhere I found an empty packet of Plaisir razors. This packet came from Amsterdam, according to the packaging, and that's where the trail immediately ends. Going nicely.
Also at the bottom it says +218155. I didn't find anything on that number either, until my little grey cells once again made the kind of thought leap that characterises true genius and indeed: it turns out to be a Swiss patent number from 1941, and it belongs to one Armin Gisinger.
No idea what this man had to do with shaving gear. Another of his patents, from 1967, was about how to make your watch move on the watchband, and further, he was president, and honorary president for a few years more, of the local football club FC Selzach.
I still don't know who produced the razor :)
The ball joint is not very rigid, which could be down to my specimen, but what makes the shaving a bit uneven: the head can unfortunately move when you shave. This added to a sizeable blade gap means: be careful!
Not my favourite, but perfectly usable, and capable of an irritation-free good shave.
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Yours doesn't have a knob on the bottom or the handle, but if you look into the threaded hole can you see a screw which could be tightened to make it pivot less freely?

"When using the apparatus, by tightening the knob12the conical wedge5retracted into its bearing and causing the four ball parts to spread apart slightly, causing the cap13is clamped in its respective position on the ball. The blade holding plates firmly connected to the cap can thus be in each of their on the ball3adjusted positions relative to the handle of the apparatus can be determined, which facilitates the use of the apparatus considerably when shaving certain parts of the body."
@TobyC I think the idea is the centerscrew on the cap will fixate the ball joint. Possibly, wear has made the fit less snug, or over tightening ruined the mechanism in the past.
The discrepancy between patent and razor is one I’ve noticed as well, not yet found an explanation for that.