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Possible Coti ID?


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I know this is a long shot as I picked up this coticule in a barber's lot on ebay and it is more than likely "vintage" so it might not be from anything Ardennes is mining today. I actually thought it was a Thuringian initially as it was covered in oil and looked like a dark blue escher, even had the typical size of exactly 7x1.5"

Anyway after cleaning it up to my surprise it was a coticule. I've owned this for awhile and can say that the manganese line that runs through it does not affect honing at all. Having owned 3 coticules now (Another vintage very fast on slurry and water, and a Les Latneuses) I can safely say that this one is slow on both slurry and water. It actually takes a lot of rubbing on from my slurry stone to even raise a slurry and even then, metal removal is very slow. I can say that it leaves a very mellow edge and oftentimes just use it after my other coticules on just water only with a ton of laps. Interestingly I haven't tried it with oil and maybe I should try it out to see if the barber was on to something.

It has a wood-grainy appearance and my best guess given the characteristics would be a La Grise, so I was wondering if it had the look of one of those. The layer doesn't really matter to me as I know how it performs. I've just been curious for awhile and thought I would throw it out there to see if it looks like anything being presently mined.

The BBW side I haven't tried and with all the inclusions I never thought about taking a razor to it. I can't wait for my La Veinette from Bart's trip though to finally try out some BBW honing.



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That's a beautiful stone. I would venture to say that it quite possibly is a La Grise since it so closely fits the characteristics of that layer. The only thing I am uncertain about is the dark spots on it.


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Jared - this is going out this afternoon for you to do some testing on. Also putting in my small workhorse vintage coticule of unknown vein as well.


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I have no idea. Could very well be from an unmapped layer.

Kind regards,


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Thanks Bart.

I figured it really couldn't be identified, but I sent it off to Jared today to test out. I'll be interested to hear his reports on it compared to a La Grise.