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post shave sensation ..


Well-Known Member
hello friends could you compare the POST SHAVE sensation about a coti edge vs crox edge?...

the coti edge seems to leave very ultra smooth-elastic skin...this is only my sensation?
with crox...i will test...but i remember a bit harsh..


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Personally I find the Coti edge leaves my skin soft and smooth, like wet clay I guess :thumbup:
I have tried: Crox, it leaves my skin a little sore, its too crispy for me.
Thuringian, not as crispy as the Crox but still not silky smooth IMHO
Charnley Forest, more crispy than the thurry but not as harsh as the Crox

That how my skin found them any way

Hope this helps and best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)


Well-Known Member
that's exactly how I would describe it too, Ralfy,... except fot the CF... which IDK about at all....

There's a reason I'm hooked on straight coticule edges:D

I've decided I don't like CrOx, or CeOx, finishes at all. They might provide the keenness , but all I get are ingrown hairs and irritation.


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I first tried chromium oxide on my strops about two years ago and I thought because the edge felt sharper and made my face red then maybe I was just shaving wrong. I tried it again recently, after not using it for two years, and the shave still made my face tender.

I find yellow cerium powder to be a lot nicer to my face but I shy away from paste because I'm more of a minimalist, sometimes I just skip linen and just strop on leater then shave.

Coticule edges are definitely the most skin friendly that I've tried, especially on the neck after an ATG pass.


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irritated... that's me to a T: traffic, SWMBO, three teen-age kids.... my job, my boss, irritated is pretty much a constant state for me

Oh sorry, this isn't my anger management group!
Damitt! @&&! &^%!!:mad: ^%$&!:mad:

(slams door)