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Question on coating on shavette in development


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Hi Guys,

I'm involved in the development of a new shavette as tester (feather artist style and blades). The person who is going to produce this was wondering if adding an AF PVD coating to the blade to prevent it from looking dirty would be something that brings a nice extra to the razor?

Check this video:

The coating is water repellent however. Would love to hear from others on the forum what they think. Have a nice weekend.
The product looks interesting. I have used a nano sealant type product before and so far the results have been good, however my purpose was to seal some vintage razors with plating loss and not to be used on a new product. Personally, I question whether any type of AF product is really necessary for a shaving type product given the environment where primarily soap and water will be the harshest things touching the blade. I am assuming that the blade will be made of stainless steel or a similar metal that if wiped dry at the end of the shave, should not leave any fingerprints anyway. If it will add cost and processing time, I say it is not necessary.
Since no one is commenting on the topic, can you give us more information on this new shavette? Or is it top secret?
it's a Swiss product that is still in development, from time to time I get improved testers, promising but it's not easy, time and money consuming to bring something really good on the market.
Personally, if I had to choose between a ss with our without coating, I'd prefer one without, it's only something that potentially get scratched/come off/whatever If it just stainless and all else fails you could polish it + I don't see the need for coating if it's already stainless steel if that's what it'll be made of.
I've just read your post and have a question.
Does the design allow for a Hair Shaper blade "head" if so they whished?
Only DE half blades, feather artist blades (and Kai, dorko etc comparable blades) and injector blades
I understand that those will be the blades that it will take.
But my question is if the design is modular enough to allow for other blades in the future.
I don't know, have no idea what a Hair Shaper blade "head" would look like since I have no hair I never needed one.

edit: looked it up and the answer would be no, the razor head is way to thin to allow such blades
The razor has undergone some changes but it’s up to the developer to decide when he will go public with it, I think it’s a beauty and IMHO a great shaver