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Raw coticule hone (3)


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The mrs being out of the house I used the opportunity to create a lot of coticule dust. Below's the result, a hone made from raw coticule. I had to have 2 sides on this one cut because they seemed instable to me.



Looking at it optimistically it's about 12cm x 8cm but especially in the width it may need additional trimming. I'll leave that up to Urmas, whom I've promised this stone to. I wouldn't say it's got a skin condition like another natural hone I saw :p but I would rather say it's got nice freckles.
Any ideas about the layer folks ?
You may be right on it being unstable. I'm not expert but it looks like if you dropped it it would split in the middle. Is that what you thought?
I think you're referring to what seems to be a fault line at the top. Actually this line doesn't extend in the lower layers so it's ok. The 'unstable' stuff I had removed was something similar but waaay worse. I wasn't sure what to do with the sides however: there are serious chips out of the stone there. Saw that off, you end up with a better (=more regular) shape but only +/- 6cm to 12cm.
Yep that's what I was talking about. I haven't done much cutting of stones especially those so I can't help much sorry.
Good luck with the stone! Looks like there is a bit of lapping to do though.
What I found on the ones I have prepared is that there can be a greenish layer with what seems to be quartz inclusions (had it in a very nice piece of Les Latneuses). Shiny. I can't tell from the pictures if those darker layers are shiny or not. Just green shouldn't be a problem, I think Maurice said it was chlordite? Softer than steel. But I have had to lap through the quartz, losing much of the layer I wanted to preserve:(

These layers in a stone are like buried treasure, enticing. But I continuously remind myself that a bird in the hand...

Well Torolf, funny thing you should mention shiny inclusions. The very small brown speckles you see on the stone ?
They do shine. Don't know whether those are the much afeared quartz inclusions though ...
Not all that glitters is gold. Or harmful. ;)
Run a razor over it, if it the type of problem I had you won't want to do it again...

Hi Wim, and Torolf,

I've recently been thinking about my collecting habit and/or dependence and I've come to the conclusion that I must not obtain any new coticules at present time, maybe sometime in future but not now. I have 2 beautiful coticules whose qualities I'm not fully mastered yet.
That's why I thank you for your generous offers and I want to say that I currently do not want to (I shouldn't) get any new coticules.

Thank you friends,