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ray habyan balsa strop...the site shut down??!


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hello friends i'd like to buy a balsa strop made by ray, the site is shut down, how i can contact ray?



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That's a good tip, but it's easier to make some lather with ordinary shaving cream and a paintbrush, mix in less than a quarter teaspoon CrO, and paint it on the balsa.

If you would like to contact Ray, try the memberlist, or this link:
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Kind regards,


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Thank you Bart for the strop making tip. Hadn't thought of that and the tallow pastes are a bit too sticky for quite a while.


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Sometime ago Ray made some changes as to products being available,in the end there were quite few.
As far as I recall,the balsa strop were stil available,but the more sophisticated items like the travel box were no longer made,I`m not sure about rescaling projects though.

I think he might have gone sick again,I wrote him some time ago but did`nt get an answer.

Perhaps Urmas have some balsa strops left??



Well, Rico (Bluedun) sent me a few of his balsa/cellular rubber "hones" some time ago. I have three left. They are pasted with Chromium Oxide on one side, and Elsterglanz metal polish on the other. If you cover the shipping (they're about 30cm long, so shipping outside the EU will be relatively expensive), you can have them. That said, I just tried pasting an untreated one with Puma green paste, and it was really easy. So, you might as well build your own, really. Cost of material should be something like 3€ including paste.



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in the absence of buying a ready made one, it is really simple and cheap to make your own (and fun to do)
a piece of balsa wood - glued to a harder surface covered with Crox


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Tony Miller was closing out his 4 sided paddle strop blanks a while back. I bought one very reasonably and glued 1/4" thick balsa to two sides and sanded flat. I've found that the balsa works very well with ChromOx. A very nice, non-sticky feel.

I don't know if he has more, but it's worth a try...