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Razor identifying-need help


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Few hours ago I won these two razors on croatian aucton site. Both of them for less than 4 EUR with shipping cost.
I plan to do restauration work. Upper razor for the moment is unknown but lower have marks: Gebr Korte Solingen and crown and arrows logo.
So, please if anyone cna tell me more of that razor (model, grind, width...maybe production year and possibly e-bay value).


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Gebrüder Korte, Solingen, Schweizer Strasse 6-10 in 1939. Brand names: 'Saba', 'Saba Blau', 'Saba Gold', 'Saba Luxus' . Open-blade razor maker.

Best regards


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Thread moved to the Razor Hospital.

Unfortunately I cannot add anything to the ID as Emanuel done a good job of that... but i can tell you both will most likely be great shavers... i love the Gebrüder Korte, good catch :thumbup: