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Refreshing slurry question


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I did a little searching, but didn't find an answer.

What exactly does "refreshing slurry" mean? My assumption is that you rub the slurry stone on the coticule and add water as necessary to get the desired consistency. I ask because I was practicing half strokes, which produced a fairly dark gray slurry and got me thinking if it would be better to finger wipe the majority of this gray slurry off the coticule before refreshing.

What do you do? I'm sure there is no right answer, but I be curious to hear everyone's thoughts.



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From many posts and discussion I understand it simply as rinsing a Coti and raising new slurry (from scratch, hahah). Refreshing, because slurry thickens, gets much steel in it and at some point you need it fresh and clean.

I recently started to notice that towards the final dilutions my slurry starts to feel a little grainy, kind of impure, as if there were some larger particles entering it. I don't know what it might be, poor steel forming those, or carbides, or what? But the only razors I have are Wapis and branded vintage razors, so I guess steel shouldn't be any concern, should it? I'd probably better refresh slurry before it happens - has anyone experienced it, too?



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Bart said:
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But in your unicot method the change from half strokes to X strokes says

"Step 4. Once the razor shaves arm hair, refresh the slurry, make it sligtly thinner than before."

I think this is what he is asking about.



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mrmaroon said:
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Yes, but I don't follow my own rules.:lol:

That advice to raise new slurry is just put there, because it is totally unpredictable how long a newbie will struggle with the bevel setting stage. To make the guidelines as foolproof as possible, it seemed like a good idea to refresh the slurry at that point. But I never bother with it myself. (Though the "official" guidelines have been tested to to T on many hones and razors before publishing them).

I don't think that refreshing a slurry can do any harm. If someone feels like his hone needs refreshing at a given point, my advice is to just do it. With experience and growing confidence, one will probably stop doing it at some point.

Kind regards,


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I don't do any of the procedures down to the letter :lol: , and I don't refresh the slurry, either.