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Absurd hero
Swedish brand Rekord. So far, I'd only ever seen Rekord-brand DE-blades, but then I found this razor. Handwritten on the shipper there's <something> '47, and 2,-, so I guess that dates it. Lightweight bakelite, no markings on the razor whatsoever. Interesting shape of the head, where the short sides are basically finger holds. Less pronounced, this can be seen with Swing and Matador as well.
DSC05405.JPG DSC05406.JPG DSC05407.JPG DSC05408.JPG DSC05409.JPG DSC05410.JPG DSC05411.JPG DSC05413.JPG DSC05414.JPG

Not sure if visible on the next pic, but it looks like the holes are closer together than the pins, explaing why I had a hard time separating cap and base.