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Resto Criox Couronne


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I have no idea what the makers marks mean so I that’s why I call it by the description the French seller used.
After using it for a couple of months as a test razor I decided to do a light restore. The scales are probably still original and are made of horn and there are some bad spots on them. Maybe I will make some new scales over time.

75382901-73E3-4D0E-8B84-2092B3A3012A.jpeg 9AA7CB8C-B3A2-40C5-B39E-FDAB5D909041.jpeg 1EB12AE1-B3B4-44AF-A739-E8E6CD805D58.jpeg 5A7ABDF4-A21D-4976-A6A9-4A0A183F0E05.jpeg