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Restoration and new Etching of a Thomas Turner „Encore“


Blade Whisperer
Recently I got an old Thomas Turner „Encore“ Blade, made some decades ago in Sheffield. Colleague Nightdiver in our German Sister Forum offers me to make an Etching on the blade. Well, it took more work than expected, as the blade had a crack in the front of the rounded head.

Thus, nightdiver took his Proxxon and made a Spanish Point of it

2668281C-D0C7-497D-BFBC-B0980E455AB2.png FEB32C0B-78F9-4EFA-9D64-301D4979434B.png 4745474C-B330-4DCC-96EB-C096AC3FADC5.png
After that - with respect to the still pending request to the UK Goverment to return the so called „Elgin Marbles“ - the Idea was born to bring the Parthenon on an English Bladeteufel_lachend Thus Nightdiver etched this

when he returned me the blade, I found some nice old German scales that I had to shorten an polish. And now the Razor looks like this:
After honing the first shave today was mar(b)elous
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