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Restoration and rescaling of a Bastet straight razor


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The Bastet is a rebranded Fr. Herder A. S. #25 and had a damaged scale so when I had some time the other day I decided to rescale it. I used some acrylic carbon as can be seen on the photo.

For a spacer I used an old fiche made of bone, bought a couple of them a while back. The nice thing about them is that they come in different thickness




as it was found on the market

goodjob! Looks really great. I love your scaling works. The would much appreciate to know more about some further working steps (what du you use for cutting, polishing etc.)

Simple and cheap.
The cutting and sanding is a little time consuming but very rewarding in the end.
Make sure you have some spare saw blades when you start, I use the very thin ones, they go very smoothly through acrylic but they snap when you don’t watch out.
I do the rough sanding with 80 grit wet and dry, after that I run through 180 280 400 600 and 800 grit.
I use a wine cork to wind the sandpaper on.
After that I polish with autosol metal polish.

I’m working on another set of scales and made some inbetween photos.
After the two scales have been cut out of the sheet you stick them together before the next sanding step.
It does help if you have some machine to do the 80 grit sanding