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REX Ambassador


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Earlier part of last year I was fortunate enough to participate in a group buy of the REX Ambassador. This was a fully stainless steel CNC machined razor taking design elements from the Gibbs adjustable. Because I do not own a Gibbs, I cannot comment on how closely it related to the Gibbs. This razor was unique in many ways, first being an adjustable stainless steel razor (for those that may think otherwise, I do not consider the Rockwell 6s to be an adjustable, just one razor with many different base plates), it had a unique serial number, and it brought back the old Gillette date/quarter codes (translating what would have been the code in 2017 had Gillette continued). Mine is N2 which is second quarter of 2018.

The razor has a top dial similar to a Gillette, however the marker moves and the numbers are stationary. Because of this, there is no marking on the base plate and top cap to align the cap properly as with the Progress.

Tonight I shaved on 3 for WTG pass, then down to 2 for ATG, then up to 4 for touch up. I have shaved with the highest setting just once and there was significant blade feel, but not significantly more efficient a shave.

Beautiful razor but I found the shaves just so so, now property of someone else who loves it.
I doubted whether I would take him over from my friend Snuffie at the time and then let him know not to take over.

The next day I regretted this and contacted Snuffie again that I wanted to buy him anyway, it turned out that he had already been sold.

So there is still a bit of regret of deciding too late because I think it is a beautiful razor to see. :daumenhoch

On the other hand Snuffie has already found me so many beautiful safety razors that one more or less is no longer noticeable here. :lol
For all of us who are interested in design and construction. I already own a Rex of the very first batch M3 (2017). Now I got one that was made two years later O3 (2019) and should corespondent with the actual line.

on the left M3 (2017), on the Right O3 (2019)


the differences in construction and design are obvious. I’m curius if they also shave different.
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Looking forward to your experience

well, I had the first shave with the new one today. For sure it’s to early for a final results but the new one seem to be a bid more effective than the 2017 edition, without being more aggressive. I got a closer shave at #2,5 WTG and XTG and at #3 ATG Today than with the old one at #3 WTG and XTG and at #3,5 ATG (my Standard setting on the O3). Of curse that might happened by chance. I will report after a cuple more shave (but after my vacancy, so please keep patient until August;)
Gentlemen, Here I still owe a comparison, which I have now made and which is very clear after just two shaves.

Yesterday's shave was done with both Rex at 2 wtg/xtg and 2.5 ATG, one Rex per half of the face. The shave with the O3 from 2019 was a bit more aggressive and the Skin was a bit more irritated, and the ASL burned a bit on the side, whereas the side shaved with the M3 from 2017 showed no irritation at all. Also during shaving I felt the blade on the O3 more clearly. Thoroughness and sustainability were very close together.

Today I shaved with the M3 at 2 WTG/ XTG and 2.5 ATG the right side of my face and the O3 at 1.5 WTG / XTG and 2 ATG the left side of my face. The feeling of the two was now more or less comparable, although the O3 could be felt a little more directly. Shaving results were also very similar here.

In both Rex were Gillette King C. Blades.

My results: with the new design the Rex has become about half a level more aggressive and even with a comparable setting ( -0.5) I feel the newer Rex as a touch more direct. And here again both Rex together.