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RIP Double Arrow


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I was in the process of rescaling a DA having given it a superior edge

First I dropped the 2 nylon washers but continued.

It was obvious that the tang was bent and it would not fit properly into the scales so I tapped it with a birmingham screwdriver and now i have a tang and a blade - sadly not together

Please learn from my mistake - even the best honed blades can break
Bin there done it!
Only mine was a 100 year old rare as rocking horse shit Joeseph smith wedge!
Still got both halfs, everytime I go in that draw it still stings

Oh yeah... Brummie screwdriver! hahahahaha
Oh man I feel your pain... snapped a 6/8th W&B special that had a killer smile... the thing had a warp and I tried to bend it straight. After a year it still hurts when I look at the thing...:cry:

Still have the black celluloid scales that belong to it, with the "special" logo embossed on the front in perfect condition, maybe one day I will find another blade to go with it.