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Santa in the Blue Suit


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All the time I've been lurking and studying, I didn't really feel part of the group.. Now, I can begin my journey..

Here I am singin' the blues all over the internet that everyone else has their Coticules, and I have none! Then, Santa in the blue suit, (The Postman, who never rings twice... Hell, he never even rings once... He sit's in his truck on the road and honks his horn until I come out..... but today, all is forgiven ) brings a mystery box from Belgium.. Open it up, with hands all ashake, and find a 175 x 50mm select La Veinette natural combo stone, direct from Maurice at Ardennes Coticule!

No more cryin' outta' me!! Until next time....

Now, to learn it...



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Absolutely beautiful brother Bill, you know things will never be the same now?

Did anyone explain SHITCA to you?

Bwhahahaha Bwhahahahaha (Evil Laugh) Bwhahahaha

My warmest regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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SHITCA??? :confused:

Nice stone BlacknTan. Please post your progress. I'm still learning to get the best out of mine and your experiences will add to my own. :thumbup:


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RicTic said:
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Oh yes
SHITCA indeed, my secret oath forces me to say little more on the subject, other than "use the search facility"

Best Regards
Ralfson (official SHITCA physician and Tattooer)


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Sign me up!
As a right of passage, I hope the fact that I've sold off every non-coticule stone I own... well except for those Suehiros.... is enough.

(oh... and my japanese stone)

edit: BTW Bill, nice stone. I know all about the shaky hands thing!


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That's a lovely stone. You can't be disappointed by a La Veinette!

Good luck with the learning curve.:thumbup:

Kind regards,


New Member
Congratulations again Bill, I know we are going to spend a good amount of time learning to hone on this beauty. BTW beware of the evil man with a bowler hat, and I do not mean Bart.HOG


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Thanks for all the good thoughts... they're much appreciated!

Buying the stone was the easy part, now to learn it! But, with Ralfy as Obi Wan, I hope "The Force" will be with me in due time. And I've very glad to see my friend Hog here..

Signing off...

The young Luke Skywalker...

R2.... Fetch my LightSaber


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tat2Ralfy said:
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Ok, Ralfy, you just made me go back and read those "ancient" posts to learn about SHITCA. I don't ever want to be accused again about having AD (though no one has other than myself and Chris). I was beginning to question my purchase of the vintage bout from ebay and Chris' problem stone that Gary has worked with. NEVER AGAIN!!!

A PHD, really? Why am I not surprised. Your friend, Denny

p.s. Not-so-average-Joe=weird tattooed guy. Crazy, these caucasians.
p.p.s. If you are Doctor, am I Captain?


Well-Known Member
Of course you are a Captain Denny :thumbup:

And I dont really have a PHD, its all Sir Barts fault! hahaha

Ralfson (Dr) ... (think Sherlock Holmes)

And yes we are crazy...Bwhahahahaha Bwhahahahaha