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Sarah Größgen, Solingen (SG Rasiermesser)


Blade Whisperer
I take the liberty today to introduce to you a razor from Sarah Größgen (SG Rasiermesser).

Sarah was trained at Dovo-Merkur in Solingen as a cutting-tool-mechanic. Here also a newspaper report in German:

Sarah offers her "SG Rasiermesser" on her Facebook page and her razors are also sold by some internet retailers, e.g. "Real Barber" under its own brand.

Since I like to support the new generation, I contacted Sarah via her Facebook page. Snakewood was still missing in my razor collection, so the scale material was already clear. Since my favorite width is 6/8", we also agreed with Sarah on that. Spanish point wasn't a problem either, nor pointed scales. Then came my special request: half hollow ground please. Not so easy today where most blanks are forged for full hollow in Solingen. Also Sarah has specialized in singing full hollow ground.

But the half hollow she made for me is excellent. Today the first shave with it. Up to now no new razor arrived with me so sharp and gently shaving. Also the workmanship is excellent and the Spanish point particularly beautifully worked out.

For the skillfull young lady, who fully understands her craft(wo)manship and communicates just as pleasantly, there is an unconditional recommendation from me. :respect_schild

Thank you Sarahgoodjob!