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Saving scales


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Ok, Guys,
Here is another method of removing scales which can sometimes save a set of scales when unpinning.
Start by removing one pin head riveting bulge.
1.grip and slowly pull a bit of slack with the other end of that pin.
2.When you have a few thousandths of inch/fractions of a mm of pin showing
3 push the razor's blade against the pulled pin side to make slack space next to the blade.
4.use a jewelers piercing saw frame and a 00 or finer blade and saw through the pin next to the blade.
5.Then you can sometimes push the pin ends out from the inside. You may have to file the inside pin ends to get rid of some expansion before they will go all the way through! I did that about forty times in the last day or so. I finally cleaned out my to-do box
Be slow and safe. If I am in a hurry and don't listen to my inner warning soon enough..SNAP.
And, I did lose four scales.
They are really cheap and worth a lot in time saved and tricks learned!
A bench pin surely helps also!
Edit 18-7: Be sure to be careful as the saw is sharp, and hard, and will cut the blade or the scales if you have the angle wrong!! Practice on junk razors first!


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Wonderful Richard, thanks for sharing that, I shall give it a go next time I am stripping a razor :thumbup:

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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:thumbup: Good idea !

:huh: ... so now you have to clean-up 40 razors, make 40 pairs of scales, repin them all, then hone them all !? My, you're going to be in trouble with Mrs. Toff ! :O :scared:


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I found the way around that decraew, I no longer have a Mrs Toff. Best deal I ever made, she ran off with my best friend..He wasn't known to me at the time but I consider him one now!!

I just cleaned up all those scales. Howsomever i may be able to have a few for razors having one bad scale. And, maybe able to make some full sets from the various sizes to scale a few razors I have that unfortunately are nude. That; for another day or week or month. I work as the muse drives..and she tends to forget where she parked me.


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Toff, I have very seldom been able to match scales they seam to break on the same side. My best save was with two Bokers. One had the scales broken at the pivot and the other had the point damaged. I switched the scales. I reground the damaged razor to a round point and shortened the remaining scales to match. I disclose these repairs when they are sold.