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Scale problems


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Upto now I have never had a problem with the scales of a gold dollar. Well never say never.
This morning I made some scales as a replacement, still needs final pinning as you can see

I will ad some more posts later on the pinning



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This situation needs to be addressed or the blade will have an ugly chip at the toe if you don’t watch out.
Plastic Scales could be heated to get them aligned again with the blade but if that doesn’t work you will need to find out if it’s a problem of the blade or the scales. Unpin and check if the current scales can still be used. You might be able to slightly widen the holes of the pivot pin and add a washer to be able to center the blade. You could even sand the scales on the inside near the pivot hole to alleviate the problem.

Photo borrowed from Facebook


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This often has to do with the holes not being drilled directly opposite each other. I am in favor of drilling them together with double-sided tape before sanding them to the desired shape. You can also try to hit the pin with a hammer in the opposite direction of the deviation. So if it deviates to the right, tap the pin on the left at the back


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On the rare occasion I make my own scales, I do exactly that for exactly that reason. I also sand the scales together: I draw the rough shape of the scales on the wood, including the location the pins should go, then tape the two pieces together, drill the holes, saw them in the rough shape and then start sanding. This way, they take on shape together, and the pinholes will stay in the same position to each other.
This does require a type of drill press, to make sure you're not drilling the holes at an angle other than 90°.


Excellent article. I live near enough to Maggards to visit the shop (pre-pandemic) and have been impressed with their stock and service. Have also ordered online and been happy also.