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Scrupleworks (Torolf Myklebust, Norway)


Blade Whisperer
Since @efsk has not come out with his one yet, I would like to introduce my strop from Scrupleworks. You can order them only via the website of Torolf Myklebust in Norway. After you have chosen what you want for yourself, you simply contact Torolf by e-mail, pay by Paypal and lie down again. Torolf makes the strops to order and takes about 5 weeks to ship them. But you also have 5-6 weeks of anticipation, because what you get from Torolf is great.

I decided for a Horween oil tanned horsehide/linnen in 3" width and ordered also a practice drop, which Torolf chooses according to his choice. As a practice strop I got a Horween vegetable tanned horsehide in 2" width, so I can compare the two horses very well. I like the Oil tanned more because it has more resistance and gives me more "control". The vegetable tanned has hardly any resistance bit is "faster". However, both are excellent. I use the line side only occasionally to dry the edge after shaving. But I am very curious how it will look after sharpening on the Coticoule, because this is the only use of lines for me.

The result after leathering with my Scrupleworks strops is excellent. Sharp and soft as it should be.

And here the Oil tanned 3“

Is mr Myklebust a fast responder to email? After all the good reviews I would like to order one, but he is not answering.
I ordered the swedish bridal 2,5 inch, linen hanging strop, and a practice strop. I read you ordered the oil tanned/linnen.
I've invested in a number of strops over the years, constantly seeking perfection. My Neil Miller (RIP) strops are retired, because they are irreplaceable, but there are many others also.
But, my everyday "go to" strop is from Torolf. 2 1/2 inch Vegetable tanned horsehide with Natural linen, barber's ends. It is a dream to strop on. My Sunday strop is another Scrupleworks. Same dimensions, same barber's ends, but made from an extra long hide of black Horween Shell Cordovan. It is my prize!
Thankfully, thanks to Torolf and his good advice, I'vbe got all the strops I need!