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second opinion/coti id


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I got this nice Nu 6 bout , which i could not resist. I'm not sure on the layer. judging by the fine tigerish marking's , it reminds me of a La drassante?

The main reason i posted this. Is because this stone works amazingly comnsistant, it seems like i just carn't fail with dilucot, even my DA hit a hht realy desent.the hone cuts very fast with slurry, making easy work of setting the bevel. the surface has great feeling. I can shave arm hair of a dense ish slurry. Also on water with half strokes the water turns a little black. there is derfanatley, some slow cutting on water. this is the first coticule i have owned that does somthing on water alone . Well that is notisable . I've asked ralfy to upload a picture for me, as i carn't.

I would realy recomend this layer . i'm always chuffed to hell with a coticule , but realy this one would be i deal for any one . so it would be nice to no the layer?.

cheers gary

Your desire is my command (Ralfy)



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I spy those holographic "crack" lines that show up on some La Dressantes. My guess is that it's a pretty hard stone.


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That sounds like one similar do n°57 and n°69. La Dressantes from the upper part of the layer, they are indeed fast on water, like some of the Les Latneuses. That makes them easy going, because they have little problem catching up with neglected keenness during the dilutions stage. La Nouvelle Veine is almost opposite.
The edges of these particular La Dressantes are on the brisk side of the spectrum. If you can find them with very faint black manganese hairlines running though, you have a very fast stone all the way.

I am using one like that for the soap-coating experiment.

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