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Secret tip for disinfecting


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Not sure about other countries but in Belgium everywhere you look you can buy (cheap) 'anti Mexican flu' hand wash. They claim to kill 99.99%, when looking at what products can be used to disinfect a razor, all the products people mention and recommend are in those products they're throwing at you nowadays. You can even buy huge tubs to put at your office sink for all employees, for very few euros.

I just wanted to share, because it's quite nice, they come in gels and are very easy to apply to razor & scales. And saves your wife/girlfriend from worrying too much :)
Thanks, I must try it instead of what i use now.
I go a little overboard and soak the razor in a bath of Naphtha for a few minutes.

Naphtha is an effective disinfectant, almost nothing is as effective at destroying living organisms, however it is about as toxic and flammable as most other hydrocarbons (not something you want to have in large quantities around the home).