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In Sweden, there was a variation on the Neo-Gam/etc: Sesam. Unknown producer, unknown whether they licensed from Zaiss. Did have their own patent though: 109997, but I haven't found it yet.
Although the clamping-mechanism, the 45° tilt, and the baseplate are identical to the Zaiss-offerings, the topcap is different. It seems a bit thicker, but is flattened at the apex. That flat area, in its turn, is "ribbed" with a crisscross pattern.As with this razor you have holding the handle rather paralel to the face, that area of the topcap is unused during the shave so I have no idea what it is for.
Got a white one in red packaging, and a (still sealed) black one in blue packaging.
DSC03361.JPG DSC03363.JPG DSC03364.JPG DSC03366.JPG DSC03367.JPG DSC03368.JPG DSC03369.JPG DSC03370.JPG DSC03371.JPG DSC03372.JPG DSC03373.JPG DSC02944.JPG DSC02946.JPG DSC02947.JPG DSC02948.JPG


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You didn't look hard enough:

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5 razors ‘Diagonal’:


  • NEO-RAS, Alemania
  • NEO-LUX, Alemania
  • NEO-GAM, Alemania
  • EBOR, Alemania
  • B-E, Alemania
  • CEP, Francia (franquicia)
  • KABRAND, Francia
  • IRO, España
  • DIAGONAL, de MEM, Austria
  • SESAM, Suecia (franquicia)


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You're forgetting Merkur (who also made the Walbusch razors), Punktal, Sonnal, Tempo, Mulcuto, Steiger, Bonsa, Cisterna, Doppelfein, Dr Lay, Rot-Gold (and identical razors by Indiana, Talent, ...), Globusmann, Feather, Golf, EverSharp, Hudes (who invented the Kabrand tilted head), Eros, Ile de France, Klapit, Hohlraum, and then some.
This is not counting the various brands that made tilted head razors with proprietary blades: Croscut, Irving, JAK, Young, etc.


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It's just temporary :oops:, I swear. The thing is, my collection is too small and I didn't have DE razors except for Gillettes.
In this forum, I realized that my collection was actually lacking some historical and geographical elements.
I need like a 100 or so to feel some completeness. Then, I will just snipe some rare or NOS.
That being said I am following the @sɐǝɹpu∀ diet. No spending much per Razor. It's all Richard's fault.
PS: @efsk where are the pics?


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The discussion triggered me that I have one as well. I still have to try it.

It is the black-red one.

I can't read swedish, but google translate tells.

Through the device's slanted cutting position, a truly pleasant and efficient use is achieved, as you can constantly clean without having to take it apart. shave. Convenient to
flush the appliance fully.
No parts that rust.


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