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In Sweden, there was a variation on the Neo-Gam/etc: Sesam. Unknown producer, unknown whether they licensed from Zaiss. Did have their own patent though: 109997, but I haven't found it yet.
Although the clamping-mechanism, the 45° tilt, and the baseplate are identical to the Zaiss-offerings, the topcap is different. It seems a bit thicker, but is flattened at the apex. That flat area, in its turn, is "ribbed" with a crisscross pattern.As with this razor you have holding the handle rather paralel to the face, that area of the topcap is unused during the shave so I have no idea what it is for.
Got a white one in red packaging, and a (still sealed) black one in blue packaging.
DSC03361.JPG DSC03363.JPG DSC03364.JPG DSC03366.JPG DSC03367.JPG DSC03368.JPG DSC03369.JPG DSC03370.JPG DSC03371.JPG DSC03372.JPG DSC03373.JPG DSC02944.JPG DSC02946.JPG DSC02947.JPG DSC02948.JPG