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Seygus Zeppelin v.2


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Last night I shaved with my Seygus Zeppelin v.2. Seygus is a Spanish razor maker and this was it's first attempt in making a stainless steel razor.This was a very strange razor when it first came out (and I believe it still is a strange razor). It had differential aggression on each side (.5 and .7 gaps), along with a slightly different guard (one smooth and the other scalloped). The original Zeppelin (I am assuming the v.1) had a .3 and .5 gap and never went into production. The most unusual feature was that the blade was bent lengthwise along the cutting edge resembling a frown. There was much debate when it came out as to if this was a slant razor or not. The cap is also curved inward in the middle so the blade is fully supported in it's frown. As odd as this looked, the Zeppelin actually was a comfortable shaver and quite efficient. The two different sides did not shave noticeably different, and the two different guard were there mostly so yo would remember the different sides, except I am so old now that I forget which guard corresponded to which gap. o_O

I do not know if they are still in production as the retailer designated to sell these no longer carry them.

On the Dutch forum there is a member who fully embraces these safety razors and constantly promotes them.

I had the opportunity to test a razor once but was not impressed by it and especially the lesser finish struck me.

Whether this version actually adds something to a standard or slant safety razor I wonder if I've actually never read that in a review.