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Athough I have not been a big brush fan I’ve learned to love them over the years, especialy the Shavemac’s on the bathroom shelf.
At the moment it’s a threesome;
  1. 24mm flat Amethyst D01 2 band Shaving Society LE 2018, loft 48 mm D263ECCF-450B-4DDE-8556-0C7F28CF7B27.jpeg 465253FD-ADD8-4273-AF42-F6DD0549A350.jpeg
  2. 26mm fan Jungle Moss 2 band Shaving Society LE 2018, loft 52 mm 59A19305-8001-4019-B4BC-97D8A0BFCC31.jpeg C2DAF729-F305-457B-93B2-404EE94B793D.jpeg
  3. 28mm fan Lime lightgreen Silvertip, loft 58 mm 33780D32-0998-4D10-8DD5-9585E743AB63.jpeg 0EC22E5A-AA27-427E-B6FA-9E8ABAD1D1D6.jpeg FB64EF14-F4EE-417A-BDFB-5BC63A8E37DD.jpeg

The King

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374286E0-F75A-48D8-85CD-CA36D392C835.jpeg CF531D7B-8ADD-4DF5-9C7E-9C5C3DE015BA.jpeg
I have three Shavemacs and that's respectively:
The first one is a 24 mm. Silvertip 2 bander Fan loft 50 mm. Jungle Moss
Then a 26 mm. Silvertip D01 Fan loft 54 mm Amethyst.
And finally a 28 mm. Silvertip 2 bander Fan loft 56 mm. Lime