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Should the slurry stone match the hone?


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I have a Nouvelle Vein and the slurry stone seems a lot softer i.e. when I make a slurry it seems to me that the slurry is from the slurry stone rather than being released from the hone. Does that confuse matters, and should I be trying to obtain a slurry stone of the same vein?

It seems to me that if start off with a very light slurry it cuts quicker than with a properly milky slurry and it discolours quickly. I'm still learning and lacking experience but some of what's happening seems counter intuitive.

On the plus side I'm getting some nice edges, but I feel there is improvement to be had.


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no it's not necessary if you have a slurry stone it will work. I don't have a matching slurry stone but never got any problems. you could even use a BBW for raising slurry.
if there were any difference they would be very minor

kind regards


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100 % agreement with Stijn.

A "richer" slurry has more white opaqueness in it. That counteracts the black discoloration from abraded steel entering into the mixture. That makes it problematic to read speed differences at various slurry densities. On the other hand, it seems to me that there is a point where a Coticule is operating at its maximum speed. For many Coticules, that is "milky". Making it any thicker than that won't necessarily speed up the process any further. But thinning it will, from some point down, definitely slow down the hone. That is something you can both feel and hear while working with the Dilicot honing method.

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I will just join in very late, and echo the points raised, I use one slurry stone for all of my Coticules, and have found it makes not a dot of difference, what is far far more important is finding the optimum slurry thickness for your Coticule, too thick and the slurry will dull your edge, too thin and you will be there all week, it often surprises me even now how effective a slurry can be that, at first thought appears to be too thin to be effective.

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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I say no. Since getting my Les Lat slurry stone I don't use anything else. It raises a slurry fast on even the hardest stones I've tried. If I ever wear it out I'll replace it with another Les Lat.


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I have a thew slurry stones. i've always had my favourite one . not for performance but it just suits me. My favourite one came of the slate , damm:thumbdown: